Bahrs 1930’s

Footpath Across the Drawbridge to Highlands 

This undated photo(late 1920’s?) of Bahrs Landing has the $1 Dollar Shore Dinner advertised in paint on the side of the building. The building to the right is Highlands train station. The train tracks were only 30 feet from the restaurant door. The Central Railroad of NJ came from Jersey City and stopped,just outside of Bahrs,at Highlands station on its way to Long Branch. Prohibition came to and end nationally in 1933 and one of 25 retail liquor licenses in Highlands is issued to Jack Bahrs Sr. At this time son Buddy was 25 years old with blue eyes reported the registry of the crew of the vessel SS Manhattan.  In the off-season Buddy served elegant meals on thisluxury steamshipthat made her maiden voyage in 1932. The ship plied from New York to Hamburg via Channel Ports. It was on the SS Manhattan that Buddy learned food, serving and hospitality in addition to developing an appreciation for all things maritime. Buddy is found on SS Manhattan crew lists for crossings on November 1933, December 1933, February 1934 and in March 1934. A one way trip took between five and ten days.

May 26th 1939 Red Bank Register Ad

New Years Eve Ad 1927

New Bar Announcement Red Bank Register

Picture of the New Half Moon Bar

Brochure for Bahrs Landing Half Moon Bar cover 1929

Brochure for Bahrs Landing Half Moon Bar backside 1929

Menu Cover for Bahrs Landing Half Moon Grille

Menu Inside for Bahrs Landing Half Moon Grille

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